Compliance Audit

Surely compliance it is a fundamental building block – part of the DNA – of building trust and engagement and an essential to becoming an employer of choice?


Compliance Audit

One of the most fundamental tasks any business must ensure is compliance with workplace laws.  

It also appears to be one of the most difficult to achieve with high profile cases seemingly being reported weekly involving safety and award non-compliance and underpayments.

The Australian workplace relations system is comprehensive and complex and can be incredibly challenging.  It can also be very costly from a monetary and reputational perspective if not managed well.

Is 2020 the time your organisation conducts a Human Resource Audit?

A Human Resource Audit is a comprehensive method of objectively and systematically verifying current workplace practices including: – award minimum payments, record keeping, occupational health and safety practices, employment contracts, and policies and procedures prevalent in the organisation. In essence a review to ensure minimum legal compliance with workplace laws.

Primary components of the HR audit include – workplace compliance documentation, job descriptions, policies, recruitment and selection, safety procedures, training and development, compensation and employee benefits, through to career management and development, performance measurement and evaluation process, sound termination processes, and key performance indicators.

Intrepidus Human Resource Consulting can assist with providing advice, processes, policies and procedures which will ensure you address any compliance issues and stay compliant.

Our service includes simple find and fix through to designing and implementing a comprehensive suite of human resource practices to make your organisation robust and an engaging workplace.


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