Human Resources


Intrepidus HR provides a comprehensive human resource consulting service to raise organisational capability and assist you to maintain a strategic advantage in people and culture management.


Sources of great people

  • Intrepidus HR will assist you to make a compelling proposition to attract internal & external talent at all levels.
  • We will assist you to find and develop sources of great people.

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Intrepidus HR works with you to make diversity & inclusion a strength and differentiating factor.

Selection Process

  • Intrepidus HR will assist your business to implement a quality selection process including reliable validated tools to select great candidates and make continuous improvements to these processes.


On boarding and Induction

  • Intrepidus HR equips you to ensure everyone joining your organisation has a great start and is assisted to reach their potential over the first 6 to 18 months.

HSE, Governance & good practice

  • Intrepidus HR will assist you to provide a safe and healthy environment for employees, clients and consumers.
  • We work to ensure your employment practices are in line with all employment related laws and your organisation adopts best practice employment processes and good governance.

Reward policy & practices

  • Intrepidus HR can assist your organisation implement an externally competitive, internally consistent and fair compensation & benefits framework.



  • Intrepidus HR can assist you to ensure all employees are skilled and equipped to safely deliver high performance results.

Succession & talent management

  • Intrepidus HR helps you maintain business continuity through workforce planning and succession planning for all key positions.
  • We help you to identify talent and put in place development plans to match great people with real opportunities.

Career path planning

  • Intrepidus HR aids the development of transparent career paths for key positions within your business or business department; matching organisational need with key individual aspirations.


Two way communication

  • Intrepidus HR works with you to develop communication channels and activities to promote two way communication and engagement, including employee engagement surveys and improvement plans.

Employee relations

  • Intrepidus HR will support you to achieve co-operative employee relations to support short and long term operational excellence.


  • Intrepidus HR can assist you to introduce a recognition framework to motivate & celebrate people and teams delivering outstanding performance.


Organisational development

  • Intrepidus HR enables you to drive for lean and flat organisation structures, in support of organisational excellence.

Performance review

  • Intrepidus HR can equip you with a simple performance & development process, supporting your business objectives, ensuring everyone receives quality, timely feedback.

Operational excellence

  • Intrepidus HR can assure people processes and tools are in place to support achievement of operational excellence.