Industrial Relations


Intrepidus provides industrial relations advice, training and consultancy services on employment issues. When people understand and accept the context within which they work, they behave in a way which meets the business goals resulting in increased customer focus, performance and success. 

Intrepidus IR draws on extensive experience to provide outstanding solutions based on proven and tested strategies and execution.


  • Conflict/dispute resolution
  • Disciplinary counselling
  • Corrective action plans
  • Termination of employment
  • Redundancy
  • Dealing with and preventing unfair dismissals
  • Adverse Action
  • Change - management of significant change
  • Communication strategies


  • Intrepidus IR will assist you with your enterprise agreement strategy, documentation, negotiation and registration.
  • We assist you in negotiating Enterprise Bargaining Agreements. Our approach includes taking a lead negotiating role through to coaching you how to successfully negotiate an agreement that achieves your goals. We can assist small or large multi-site enterprises whether the workforce is unionised or not.


  • Intrepidus IR can design and implement effective rostering and change management strategies.


  • Intrepidus IR can review and improve your safety strategies.
  • Intrepidus IR can advice you in regard to your Workers Compensation Management.


  • Intrepidus IR can provide comprehensive training, coaching and mentoring to support your organisation in achieving its IR goals.