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Welcome, dear Reader. My name is Simon Campbell, I’m the Managing Director of Intrepidus Human Resource Consulting. I founded the company in 2003, when, in the course of my long career in HR management, I realized that something was missing from the market. I couldn’t name it at the time, but I felt that it had to do with passion, humility and an open mind.

The first years after establishing Intrepidus, complete with all the necessary pitfalls and small successes have taught me the true meaning of resilience, change, adaptability, opportunity, adventure and – most surprisingly - fun. This experience has also provided for reflection, giving, humility and perspective, which finally allowed me to put a label on why I created the company in the first place.

I realised that what I missed from the HR market was a thoroughly comprehensive approach to companies and their people. The following sounds quite overwhelming but it’s true: nearly every single issue in a company’s life is interconnected with everything else. This made me come up with Intrepidus’ true purpose and motto:

We want to inspire businesses to improve themselves and their people.

I’m really grateful for this realisation and all the chances Intrepidus gave me personally. I had the opportunity to work with organisations spanning Australasia and Africa, particularly Nigeria and Angola.  I usually acted in the role of regional head or the lead Human Resource Manager in the country for the organisations I have been assisting.  My responsibilities were often well beyond Human Resources and as a leader I have gained a fundamental business acumen, which provides an excellent background knowledge for the comprehensive HR approach of Intrepidus Human Resource Consulting.

I consider myself very lucky. Human Resources is my passion and I have been blessed with many opportunities to gain a range of skills, qualifications and experience that have allowed me to assist many large businesses as well as SME’s to develop their businesses and their people.


Enough about us, now we want to hear from you!

The Intrepidus website has recently been restructured and this gave us an idea. We decided to create an interactive HR platform that would give insight into the world of HR to both clients and the general public. In addition to sharing our knowledge, we also strive to facilitate business improvement beyond the reach of traditional HR through our close affiliate partners.  Whilst sticking with the HR knitting, we will provide wider support - where appropriate - to best serve our clients’ interests.

The point of all this is to hear from you! We’d like to know more about the HR issues your company faces. We want to listen and learn and provide advice to address your issues. We want you to benefit from our extensive research, qualifications and experience.  We will assist your business to achieve outstanding results and I personally look forward to hearing from you.


Intrepidus Blog

 The Intrepidus Blog provides a platform for dialogue between Intrepidus and its clients, prospects and industry peers. In fact, anyone who wants to be part of the discussion about improving business and developing the people who work in businesses.

Bearing in mind that the purpose of Intrepidus is to inspire businesses to improve themselves and their people, we want to use the Blog as a space to share ideas and resources, and most importantly, to learn from each other. Make sure you check out our links and resources!

The Intrepidus Blog is a perfect platform to participate in discussions about business improvement and features many Intrepidus Partner Blogs and Guest Blogs.

Follow the Intrepidus Blog to find out what we are all about and to join the conversation at any time!


Design • Implement • Support

Let us know what business improvement topics you are interested in. 

Are you a subject area expert and thought leader? If you wish to share your expertise and you have an interest in being a Guest Blogger or even to explore the possibilities of becoming an Intrepidus affiliate Partner, don't hesitate to contact me! My email address is  I look forward to hearing from you!


About Intrepidus

I chose this name for our company because it means “fearless; bold; tough; dauntless; brave; resolutely courageous; lion hearted” in Latin, and these are precisely the basic principles I wanted Intrepidus to have. Based on these principles, there are five core values at the heart of our operation:



•       Client Focus - Our first priority is to ensure clients achieve their human resource goals through effective and innovative business partnering and knowledge transfer.

•       Capability - To assist clients to define and develop their people capabilities and behaviours to achieve their strategic priorities.

•       Respectful - To treat people fairly and equally and to be considerate and supportive of each other.

•       Passionate - We care intensely about delivering excellence to our clients and success to our partners and our company.

•       ‘Can do’ attitude - To respond quickly to challenges, be adaptive and have a belief in our own capabilities to overcome difficulties and deliver outcomes on time with cost effective performance.


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Intrepidus Human Resource Consulting

Intrepidus is a human resources and industrial relations consultancy based out of Melbourne. We help clients with difficult people issues, HR & IR strategy, and more. If you want to find out how we assist with workplace issues, you can contact us at  or give us a ring on +61 401 716 818.